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About Our Project Management Services

Managing IT Projects can quickly become costly and plagued with increasing complexity and a widening scope. Companies today are faced with technology from a wide array of vendors making it even more difficult to acquire and benefit from additional software and hardware solutions.

Many of our customers now focus on their core competencies offloading the tasks of managing technology projects to Silicon Digital Systems, Inc.

Our skilled Project Managers help companies focus on the tactical and strategic aspects of IT solutions. SDSI is a leader in Project Management services empowering organizations to achieve significant cost reductions, improved efficiencies and improved access to your enterprises most critical business data.

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Project management is one of our core competencies and our years of experience gives us the advantage of creatively solving technical problems and the most challenging people problems. In either case you can rely on us to deliver completed projects on-time and on a budget that adds value to your bottom line.

Project Management Overview

As a road map to our project management services please find below an outline of the specific operational milestones utilized by our project managers. In addition our project management methodology incorporates Software Engineering Institute / Capability Maturity Model (SEI/CMM) and Six Sigma quality-improvement software engineering practices.

Project Definition

Project Planning


SDS Project Framework

Our SDS Project Framework is a proven management and quality assurance system designed to deliver IT projects on-time and on budget. Click here for more information about our SDS Project Framework.

SDS SEI/CMM Management Services

We provide consulting and training services to implement Software Engineering Institute / Capability Maturity Model (SEI/CMM) in your organization. Click here for more information about our (SEI/CMM) services.

SDS Six Sigma Software Engineering

Silicon Digital Systems, Inc. provides Six Sigma expertise, Project Management and Training for organizations implementing a Six Sigma quality-improvement strategy. Click here for more information.

Chief Information Officer / MIS Management
For organizations who require senior level IT management for short term or transitional periods Silicon Digital Systems, Inc. provides seasoned executive CIO and MIS managers to assist you. Click here for more information about our CIO and MIS consulting services.

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