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About Our Vertical Market Services

Silicon Digital Systems, Inc. has a highly skilled and experienced staff of IT professionals dedicated to solving your most critical technical problems. Our team has years of industry specific experience delivering integrated, enterprise-strength solutions, providing IT Consultants and IT Technical Staff both locally and overseas that add value to our customers technology investments.

As data management specialists we offer the solutions you need to make your operations run smoothly with critical business information made available to your entire organization.

Silicon Digital Systems, Inc. has core expertise in Oracle, IBM, Microsoft and Sun technologies. Although the technologies vary significantly for each project our primary industry solutions include:

  • Microsoft C++/C# .NET
  • Visual Basic .NET
  • Java / J2EE
  • Windows Server 2000/2003
  • Unix/Linux platforms
  • Oracle 8i/9i
  • IBM DB2
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • XML and HTML
  • Web Services
  • Vertical market applications

For more information about our specialized industry solution services please contact us at: info@SiliconDigitalSystems.com







Industry Solutions

Today's business environment requires lower operating costs, immediate access to critical enterprise data and improved operating productivity. To meet these demands Silicon Digital Systems, Inc. created a business model designed specifically to deliver world-class technical solutions at significantly reduced cost. Our team of local project managers and solution architects combined with our offshore pool of high tech talent provide expertise and targeted solutions for diverse industries, including:




To continually meet rising customer expectations, financial institutions must strive to implement applications that allow for Web self-service, create stronger customer relationships, and replace existing and outdated mainframe systems. We help financial services company's to gain competitive advantages, reduce costs, increase sales, and improve both productivity and customer service by implementing efficient information systems. Your company can add value to you customers, vendors and partners with our highly tailored Customer Relationship Management and Document Sharing internet solutions services.

Health Care
SDS assists health care organizations of varying size with diverse business problems. We help companies implement and integrate Financial's, Human Resources and Materials Management applications. We also implement back-office systems that keep health care organizations running smoothly and have developed streamlined procedures to help healthcare organizations to meet the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

The biotechnology industry is growing at a quickening pace. Increasing competition worldwide and the economic demands for bringing a product to market faster are forcing biotech companies to automate systems and reduce cycle times. In addition, global regulatory compliance requirements like 21 CFR Part 11 are impacting time to compliance, product approval and commercialization.

To meet business and regulatory demands, biotech companies are turning to the Silicon Digital Systems, Inc. family of information system services to implement configurable software products to automate and innovate document control and change management processes. The software provides the architecture to manage all documents including forms, policies, standard operation procedures and work instructions in a way that meets ISO quality standards and GxP regulatory requirements. By automating core documentation processes, many advantages are achieved including improved operational efficiency, fast regulatory compliance, quickened product commercialization and a reduction in risks and costs.

Manufacturing and Distribution companies must streamline the execution of all aspects of company business, including manufacturing, sales, distribution, EDI, financial's and more. Our capabilities include project management, configuring the solution applications, technical and functional consulting, converting legacy data, and much more.

The distribution industry runs on its supply chain. Silicon Digital Systems, Inc. understands that no two companies' supply chain structures and organizational goals are similar, so we provide customized solutions that fit your company's unique requirements. Our IT services include software selection, configuration, customization, implementation and upgrades. We integrate new applications with your existing ERP systems, as well—and our key relationships with industry subject matter experts means you'll be getting only the best applications.

Our highly customized legal industry solutions manage detailed facts and information about every client, contact, referral, case, docket event, employee mail list, potential conflict and business opportunity in your firm. Whatever the size of your practice, we can offer integrated solutions covering legal accounts, time recording and case management. We implement information systems solutions for your practice that include: Time Entry, Relationship Management, Docket/Scheduling, Marketing Projects, Mail List Management, Case Management, Advanced Conflict Avoidance and CLE Tracking.

For more information about our specialized industry solution services please contact us at: info@SiliconDigitalSystems.com



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Verticals: Health, Finance, Biotech, Legal and Manufacturing