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About Our Internet, Network and Database Security Services

Silicon Digital Systems, Inc. provides security consulting services for network, database and internet systems. Our team of highly trained and experienced IT professionals will help assess, configure, tune and consult on a variety of security related topics to assist your organization.











The SDS Security Analyses Program is a great way to get a quick assessment of your Internet, Network and Database Security status. This service is designed to provide you with expert technical services to help management secure an existing or planned Web Site, E-Commerce Site, Network or Database system.

Key to the value of the service is the interactive design sessions during which our consultants gather information on your environment and needs, educate your staff on the critical architecture decisions, and guide you to the best solutions. Our consultants then prepare and review an architecture document with you. The project includes the following main elements:


Logical design: The first step is to consider the ideal system, network, database and internet security design which will guide later sessions as they address issues with practical realization of the vision.

Active Directory: Windows® 2000 Server and Windows® Server 2003 integration with and requirements for the Microsoft Active Directory™ service for Network, Database and Internet deployments. Review an existing Active Directory design or make recommendations to the design team.

Physical Design: Implementing the Network and Database logical design through consideration of server design, server placement, system lockdown, and administration. System and Database Upgrade and Coexistence: Upgrade strategies will be discussed along with best practices for handling coexistence and migration issues with existing equipment and services.

Client Issues: Choice of firewall client and deployment methods.
Security-Enhanced Outbound Configuration: Options for monitoring and securing outbound access for internal clients.

Security-Enhanced Publishing: Options for publishing Web and other resources both internally and to the Internet while maintaining security.
Caching: Options for accelerating access to popular Web content.

Assessment: Information will be gathered on the existing environment during the design sessions so that the plan addresses any issues including those related to legacy systems such as:

Interoperability: Coexistence with current systems is vital to a successful information technology deployment and migration. Our consultants will provide direction on interoperability with other network equipment, services, and applications as needed.


  • Wide area network, database, internet design
  • Existing security solutions and products
  • Technology and other security based IT standards
  • Current and future administration models
  • Application integration requirements
  • User population breakdown by location and role

For more information about our Internet, Network and Database Security services please contact us at: info@SiliconDigitalSystems.com



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Internet, Network and Database Security

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