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About Our Legacy Migration and Conversion Outsourcing Services

One of the most significant trends in information technology is the strategic planned outsourcing of mission critical applications to offshore IT providers. Silicon Digital Systems, Inc. brings this important resource to small and midsized businesses.

IDC, the leading IT industry research firm, reports that outsourced implementations cost 52 percent less than in-house deployments.








The very nature of legacy systems means there is seldom an off-the-shelf equivalent product that can match the required level of functionality. Most migrations therefore take the form of technology enhancement solutions. Although there are a number of application and data migration tools available, they are usually very limited in their conversion abilities. To develop technically advanced Client-Server and N-Tier solutions for optimum performance, scalability, reliability and maintainability requires the skill and expertise of highly qualified software developers.

Legacy system migrations often require the total re-engineering of the application and its data to suit the hardware and software environment of the target platform. This can offer major benefits to the organization. Additional functionality may be added, obsolete functionality removed, or changes made to existing functionality to map more accurately onto current business processes. It represents an important opportunity to align strategic application development to IT and business strategies.

Silicon Digital Systems, Inc. is your source for legacy application migration and data migration.



Reduce operating costs for your critical business information systems.

Reduce staffing costs by offloading your legacy application migration and data migration to SDS.

Significantly reduce your IT budget by eliminating unnecessary programming, bug fixing and maintenance on your Web, E-Commerce and Database applications.



At Silicon Digital Systems, Inc., we specialize in providing complete legacy application migration and data migration solutions that are reliable, secure and agile. We accomplish this through:

  • Innovation to create results-oriented uses of technology
  • Flexibility and agility to fashion tailored business solutions especially for you
  • End-to-end IT management through global, full-service capability and perspective
  • Process excellence using rigorous, proven and standardized methodologies


For more information about our legacy migration and conversion outsourcing services please contact us at: info@SiliconDigitalSystems.com



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Legacy Migration and Conversion Outsourcing