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About Our Design Recovery Outsourcing Services

When your organization finds itself with an custom application requiring modifications when you no longer have a programmer on staff with knowledge of its design SDS can help. Our SDS Design Recovery Program uses sophisticated re-engineering techniques to recover the technical architecture, design and programming structure of your most critical business systems.








Silicon Digital Systems, Inc. is the leading provider of managed IT outsourcing services to small and medium sized organizations. Its comprehensive managed process service provides a single point of contact for all of its customer’s information technology needs. Without the complete detailed design and architecture documents for your most critical business systems your IT staff rapidly consumes your organizations cash. SDS provides complete application design recovery services designed to deliver the complete system design "blue prints" to empower your programmers to maintain your mission critical systems.



Reduce operating costs for your critical business information systems. Reverse engineer the design and architecture of your mission critical business applications.

Reduce staffing costs by offloading your application design recovery to SDS.

Significantly reduce your IT budget by eliminating unnecessary programming, bug fixing and maintenance on your Web, E-Commerce and Database applications.



At Silicon Digital Systems, Inc., we specialize in providing complete design recovery solutions that are reliable, secure and agile. We accomplish this through:

  • Innovation to create results-oriented uses of technology
  • Flexibility and agility to fashion tailored business solutions especially for you
  • End-to-end IT management through global, full-service capability and perspective
  • Process excellence using rigorous, proven and standardized methodologies


For more information about our design recovery services please contact us at: info@SiliconDigitalSystems.com



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