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Without integrated systems, no enterprise can be truly competitive. Our e-business integration solutions combine strategy, process and technical expertise to meet today's most pressing business challenges. Our clients benefit from enterprise efficiency, reduced cost, faster speed to market and improved customer service. An enterprise without integrated systems will find it difficult to think and act as quickly as the competition.

We assist our clients in enabling e-business solutions for your staff, suppliers, products, services, customers, processes and procedures, sales and marketing and distribution. Our goal is to help you discover where and how technology can help you improve on aspects of these key areas of your business, and to explore new opportunities that the latest web-applications can facilitate. E-Business can be one of the solutions.

For more information on our e-business services please contact us at: info@SiliconDigitalSystems.com



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E-Business Services:

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The Internet offers solutions to the twin priorities in these harsher economic times: saving costs and reaching customers. Internet e-business is creating real commercial efficiencies using technology to meet strategic goals, create a more agile business and growing market share. Silicon Digital Systems, Inc. can help you turn your e-business ideas into a clear vision, a feasible plan, and a working reality.

Internet Sales & Marketing

Clearly, the more business intelligence they have at their disposal, the better employees can do their jobs. This holds particularly true for front-office support and sales and marketing personnel who interact with customers.

We provide customers with both hosted internet based custom sales and marketing solutions and traditional Client/Server local network integrated applications. Our team can assist you in selecting a strategy that helps your organization reduce sales and marketing costs and provide more meaningful information to your customers.

Deployment happens in weeks not months. We provide the hardware and software you can access your fully functional Sales Force Automation, Marketing and Customer Service solutions anywhere that has access to the internet.


Internet CRM Integration

THE GOAL: Provide a CRM solution that meets the resources and needs of mid-market businesses, helping them build more profitable customer relationships.

THE NEED: An easy-to-use, flexible, and integrated solution that empowers you and your employees to make informed decisions, increase sales success, and provide superior customer service.

THE SOLUTION: Microsoft® Customer Relationship Management.

Offer superior customer service and increase capacity to handle requests, without adding employees. Microsoft CRM Customer Service helps your service representatives track customer requests, manage support issues from initial contact through successful resolution, and provide customers with the consistent, efficient service that ensures satisfaction.

Internet Transactions

Integration of enterprise applications. Today's agile businesses need to make better decisions more quickly. By achieving a unified view of their data and applications both within their organization and with their business partners, these business can increase their revenues and decrease their cost of operation. Data and transformation services and the application integration features in BizTalk Server 2002 can provide businesses with the tools they need to achieve this unified view.

Automation of business processes. To remain agile, businesses must be able to integrate their data, applications, and business partners in an automated, predictable way so they can achieve the return on investment that application integration can bring. BizTalk Orchestration Designer and BizTalk Orchestration Engine provide organizations with business process automation, enabling their businesses to run predictably.

Development of operational excellence. To realize real return on investment, it must be possible to rapidly deploy and easily manage an integration solution. This flexibility can reduce the cost and complexity associated with application integration. BizTalk Server 2002 introduces SEED, a revolutionary new technology for automating the integration of business partners over the Internet.



Learn everything about business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce — how it works, how its evolving and, most importantly, whether B2B would work for your company. B2B involves collaborative commerce, electronic payment systems, online exchanges and standards for trading with business partners on the Web. It's companies buying from and selling to each other online. But there's more to it than purchasing. It's evolved to encompass supply chain management as more companies outsource parts of their supply chain to their trading partners.

Business-to-consumer (B2C)
e-commerce can be a tricky, and tenuous, endeavor on the Net. Is your company doing business on the Web? B2C e-commerce may be ailing, but it isn't dead. In fact, the North American online retail market is expected to grow 35 percent in 2003 to $156 billion, according to a joint study conducted by the industry group Shop.org and the Boston Consulting Group. And Forrester Research predicts that B2C e-commerce in the United States will grow to $184.5 billion in 2004.

Silicon Digital Systems, Inc. will work with you as your B2B/B2C solution partner. If your company desires to capture additional market share, increase sales revenues while lowering operating costs you've come to the right group. Let our savvy Web designers and world-class internet solution architects work with you to get your slice of this growing marketplace.



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