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About Our QuickBooks and Great Plains Accounting Software Services

Over twenty years ago our founders developed one of the industry's first multi-user industrial strength database management system integrated with a set of customizable accounting applications.

Written entirely in Assembly Language our team of accounting experts and solution architects created a fully integrated General Accounting, Wholesale Distribution, Customer Relationship Management, Payroll, Sales Force Automation, Supply Chain Management and Enterprise Resource Management suite of data centric business software. Critical enterprise data collected from each of these applications entered real-time and made available from our proprietary multi-user Relational Database Management System.

The combination of a networked multi-user database management system integrated with a customizable suite of business management software allowed our dealers around the world to create unique industry specific solutions for their customers.

The success of our software development efforts lead to the installation of over 35,000 users world-wide. Over the years we've gained valuable experience from such customers as California Department of Forestry, Boeing Commercial Airplane, Texas Department of Health, AVIS Enterprises, United Kingdom Ministry of Defense and dealers and their customers from around the world.

As the computer industry has matured over the years many hi-tech companies like ours have moved to focus on their core competencies, for us that means "Information Technology (IT)". Silicon Digital Systems, Inc. utilizes industry standard solutions such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server databases, Intuits' QuickBooks and Microsofts' Great Plains accounting software, Dell Computers, Compaq and Cisco Systems hardware.

As IT professionals our solutions have become a partnership with subject matter experts - CPAs, Attorneys, Engineers and Architects with vast industry specific knowledge. Together our customers receive world class IT Solutions from a team of experienced professionals.

For more information please contact us at: info@SiliconDigitalSystems.com



Customization and Integration Services

When your company requires fast, high-quality implementation, application customization and management consulting services for your business management software, Silicon Digital Systems, Inc. offers a broad base of knowledge, vast experience and top-notch IT consultants for Microsoft and Intuit accounting applications.

Our team of highly skilled IT professionals provide strategic consulting services, implementation and migration services and customization and integration services for an array of industries, including service, manufacturing, distribution and warehousing, communications, health services and many others. Successful projects are an outcome of our strategic partnerships with subject matter experts - CPA's, Legal and Process Automation specialists and Manufacturing consultants.

Contact us about our IT Services for developing customized software solutions, data integration services, project management, Web visibility and e-commerce solutions for your Microsoft Great Plains and QuickBooks accounting software.

QuickBooks 2002-2004 Data Services

Business management data stored in your QuickBooks accounting application can now be made available to your users on the internet. Silicon Digital Systems, Inc. provides data integration, QuickBooks customization and consulting services to allow access to all your QuickBooks data through a customized Web interface. We provide custom reports for all your business management needs and can integrate your QuickBooks data live to other 3rd party applications including Oracle® and Microsoft SQL Server™ databases. Integrate your data with Microsoft Outlook™, Microsoft Excel™, Microsoft Word™ and Microsoft Access database.

Click here (PDF format) to view a chart of QuickBooks lists and transactions that are supported for Web access, data integration and customization. The chart indicates which functions are supported as either: Search, Add, Modify, Delete or Void. The QuickBooks company, host, reports and preferences can also be accessed and customized.

Supported QuickBooks Versions:
QuickBooks Pro 2002-2004
QuickBooks Premier 2002-2004
QuickBooks Premier: Accountant Edition 2002-2004
QuickBooks Premier: Contractor Edition 2004
QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 2.0
QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions: Accountant Edition 2.0
Canadian editions of QuickBooks 2004
QuickBooks Online Edition

Silicon Digital Systems, Inc. partners with Abramson, Pendergast & Company for the benefit of experience from professionals who understand small business financial matters and financial data management. The CPA firm's team of Quickbooks Certified ProAdvisors specialize in:

  • QuickBooks payroll
  • QuickBooks phone consultation & support
  • QuickBooks software installation and setup
  • QuickBooks training

Contact us for more information about our QuickBooks accounting services. info@SiliconDigitalSystems.com

Great Plains Accounting Data Services

Web access, data integration and customization services are provided for Microsoft Great Plains accounting software. We can assist you in creating customized internet access to all your Great Plains business management solution data. Integrate your data with other systems including: Oracle® and Microsoft SQL Server™ databases, Microsoft Outlook™, Microsoft Excel™, Microsoft Word™ and Microsoft Access database.

Silicon Digital Systems, Inc. Project Managers and Solution Architects can assist your company in developing customized software applications with enterprise reporting, e-commerce solutions and third-party data integration.

Embrace Internet-based commerce with an integrated suite of applications that save you time and money and serve your customers better while opening your business to new global markets. Silicon Digital Systems, Inc. offers seamless integration between your e-commerce solution and your business management system, eliminating re keying of data, ensuring accuracy of information across all systems, helping you serve your customers better, and improving decision making at all levels.

We provide functionality for financial's, analytics and reporting, project management, inventory and order processing, e-commerce, human resource management, customer relationship management, field service, manufacturing, retail management, and online business services.

We employ all the latest tools, including .Net, C#, Crystal Reports, Transact-SQL, HTML, MS Project, Active Server Pages (ASP) and more, to ensure your business management solution meets your organization’s requirements.

Contact us for more information about our Great Plains accounting services. info@SiliconDigitalSystems.com

IT Services and Customer Support

Silicon Digital Systems, Inc. provides small and midsized businesses with a comprehensive array of information technology consulting services once affordable only to big business and large Government agencies.

Why? Because our business model combines two important forces:

  • Local visionary technical leadership with insights gained on the front lines of the most demanding state-of-the-art information system projects with
  • cutting-edge infrastructure, equipment, best practices, and highly skilled IT staffing from our outsourcing offices in Beijing, China and our domestic and overseas partners.

Each customer engagement benefits from our strategic use of world-class senior level IT consultants paired with global IT technical resources by significantly lowering operating costs. The cost savings are passed along to each of our customers who realize innovative solutions delivered at a fraction of the normal cost.

Contact us for more information about our Project Management and IT consulting services. info@SiliconDigitalSystems.com

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