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About Our Managed and Hosted Application Services

Today our clients find themselves faced with the need to continue expansion to an e-business internet presence, support increased sales and customer service efficiencies will reducing their overall IT budgets. Silicon Digital Systems, Inc. helps organizations realize these goals with an array of managed and hosted application services.

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Managed/Hosted Applications:

›› Microsoft CRM
›› Microsoft Great Plains
›› Microsoft SharePoint Services
›› Microsoft Exchange/Outlook
›› Intuit QuickBooks
›› Oracle 8i/9i
›› Microsoft SQL Server
›› IIS/Apache Web Site Hosting

Expanding your business using the Internet introduces new requirements and new risks. Online commerce demands technological expertise that many companies don't have in-house today. Silicon Digital Systems, Inc. hosting services meet the needs of organizations of all sizes seeking secure, high-performance, high-availability Internet applications. We design, build and host innovative application services focused on the unique speed, scale, and security requirements of Internet-enabled business processes.
Microsoft CRM

Quickly implement a Microsoft CRM Online solution for your sales and customer service departments without the need for on-site computer servers running Microsoft CRM. Conserve your IT budget by utilizing our technical staff who will install, manage and upgrade software and servers maintaining all the operational costs required to support Microsoft CRM solutions. Hosted Microsoft CRM eliminates large capital outlays and repetitive IT expenses. Simple pricing makes it easy to budget and affordable for every business.
Click here for Microsoft CRM.

IIS/Apache Web Site Hosting
Years of experience supporting Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) and the Apache Software Foundation (Apache) Web server applications in combination with our overseas hosting operations allow us to offer Web site hosting services at dramatically lower costs than typical local hosting companies. Our Technical Writers, Web Designers, Graphic Artists, Project Managers and Solution Architects work with you to expand your businesses presence to the internet. Click here for Web site hosting services.
Microsoft SharePoint & Outlook

Together, SharePoint Products and Technologies give users the ability to organize information, readily access that information, manage documents, and enable efficient collaboration, all in a familiar, browser-based and Microsoft Office –integrated environment. SharePoint Team Services is a team Web site solution that is designed to significantly improve the way your team manages information and activities. It's a central repository of all project information —documents, contacts, tasks, discussions, and much more.
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Oracle 8i/9i & MS SQL Server

Silicon Digital Systems, Inc. offers managed/hosted database services for:

  • Oracle 8i/9i and
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000

For companies requiring larger database management solutions for decision support applications, data warehouse and data mining applications or data storage and retrieval services. Click here for more info.

Intuit QuickBooks Services

Business management data stored in your QuickBooks accounting application can now be made available to your users on the internet. Silicon Digital Systems, Inc. provides data integration, QuickBooks customization and consulting services to allow access to all your QuickBooks data through a customized Web interface.

Supported QuickBooks Versions:
QuickBooks Pro
QuickBooks Premier
QuickBooks Premier: Accountant Edition QuickBooks Premier: Contractor Edition QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 2.0 QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions: Accountant Edition 2.0 Canadian editions of QuickBooks QuickBooks Online Edition

Click here for QuickBooks solutions.

Microsoft Great Plains Services

Web access, data integration and customization services are provided for Microsoft Great Plains accounting software. We can assist you in creating customized internet access to all your Great Plains business management solution data. Integrate your data with other systems including:

  • Oracle®
  • Microsoft SQL Server™
  • Microsoft CRM™
  • Microsoft Outlook™
  • Microsoft Excel™
  • Microsoft Word™
  • Microsoft Access™

Click here for Microsoft Great Plains.


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Managed / Hosted Applications